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TwinHorns Reborn Season 1
LuciferVerma Admin Unconfirmed Member
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about 1 month ago

⚔TwinHorns Survival: Beyond Vanilla - Season 1 is LIVE NOW! ⛏

Calling all adventurers! Season 1 of TwinHorns Survival has launched, and it's time to ditch the islands and dive headfirst into an uncharted survival adventure!


Unleash your inner hero:

  • Conquer perilous landscapes and dominate the wilds!
  • Face epic challenges and forge your own legend!
  • Team up with friends and build a thriving community!

Beyond Vanilla:

  • Crossplay: Play with friends across platforms (Bedrock & Java)!
  • Custom Enchants & Mobs: Gear up and face unique foes!
  • Explosive PvP Warzone: Test your skills in epic battles!
  • Leaderboards & Rewards: Climb to the top and reap the benefits!
  • Skills & Jobs: Master skills, choose your path, and contribute to the economy!
  • Unique Biomes: Explore breathtaking and diverse landscapes!

This is just the beginning! We've got plenty more planned for TwinHorns Survival Season 1.

Ready to join the adventure?

Server IP: play.twinhorns.net 

Vote: vote.twinhorns.net

Discord: discord.twinhorns.net

YouTube:  Office ChannelLive Channel

Don't miss out! Season 1 is live now!


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